Sleeping bags & suits with detachable arms & booties gives the perfect nights sleep for your little ones.

Tracksuit Onesies, comfort and ease. Perfect for after swimming or just a quick change!

Hats, Bows & Headbands to brighten up any outfit.

Feeding products for all babies & toddlers from baby lead weaning to keep them clean cover all bibs.

The best quality apparel for babies & toddlers.

Best choice for a good nights sleep

1.5 tog Sleep Suits

Best choice for a good nights sleep

2.5 tog Sleep Suits

Best choice for a good nights sleep
Winner, Winner, what's for dinner
Best choice for a good nights sleep
Covering up made easy

Why They Love Us

"Highly Recommend the sleeping bags, so soft & cosy. My little girl has the best nights sleep in hers. I cant wait to order more!"
Carena, Dublin
"An amazing Irish brand. Sleepsuits and sleeping bags are really good quality with the nicest prints. The zips make it sure easy for a nappy change without having to take them out of the bag/suit. Love that the arms and the feet are removable on the sleeping suits. Hairbands are extremely soft and comfy. They are really strechy and doesn’t leave a red mark on the head. Looking forward to buying more from this brand in the future!"
Catriona, Google Review
"Absolutely amazing service!! Ordered on Tuesday delivered on friday. Amazing quality of the items and sizing is perfect loads of room for growth and wriggling I ordered 3 sleepsuits with removable booties.... important as my twins do not like their feet covered. Last night was their first time wearing them and they usually wake every hour. Well they slept for 6 hours straight. Definitely will be purchasing more."
Michelle, Google Review
I am made up with them, they are gorgeous headbands. Love the colours & material. Thank you"
Michelle, Wicklow
"We LOVE the suits in our house. My daughter is nearly one and moves about alot in her sleep. The traditional sleeping bags worked for a while but now she is crawling and walking she gets frustrated in them if she wakes at night and cannot move. In come the Kozy Kids sleep suits!! She can move her legs to twist and turn in her sleep without kicking off the blankets. She is staying warm and now sleeping through the night!!! 11 straight hours of sleep!! Actual god send!! Such lovely quality and the removable feet and arms mean we can control how warm she gets. Honestly cannot recommend these enough."
Rachel, Google Review
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